E-News 1361 – March 23rd 2024

Dear customers, friends, followers and supporters,

A big E-News this week!!
The first Awakenings 2024 has passed, a great weekend with over 4 hours of music!!
Later in the newsletter I have a small travel log for you if you are interested.

Next up is E-Day 2024
E-Day 2024 – 20th of April 2024.
So less then 10 tickets left!!
Get your tickets on tme!! Full is Full.

The following E-News will have the full program.

And we are planning lots of new music from Groove artists. 
And also with special offers (expect a very special 3 for 1 price offer again 🙂

And we now have the new Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij – Mysterious Events instock. https://www.groove.nl/shop/gert-emmens-ruud-heij-mysterious-events/?v=796834e7a283

We still have this special surprise!!
We will add for free a CD from Gert Emmens from his early Groove years for free.
Check out the catalog and pick any of his release until 2015 and add that in the comments in your order and we will add it for free!!
Check the Groove site for the CD’s.

And the following CD’s are now at the factory!!
These will be added to the online shop this week!!
So check the shop for a nice pre-order offer!!

GR-361 – Johan Tronestam / Somewhere far away

GR 362 – Paul Ellis – A haunted Afternoon.


And the boys from AE van Elst Projects are working hard on their new release “Two”.
We did the mastering this week and it sounded great.

So here is the travel log from Awakenings.

Awakenings 2024 – 16 March.

Well what a weekend, Friday night we left at 2.00 to Dunkirke to get the Ferry on 06.00! No traffic made that part of the trip great and with Harold vd Heijden and Jef Wouters in the bus enough conversation material. 

No trouble getting into the UK. UK border patrol asked if we where going to play in the UK and make any money there. I smiled back to him and he understood. We don’t 🙂
7.00 of the ferry on our way to Rugeley where David booked a nice Airbnb house for all of us to stay!! It was one of the easiest drives through the UK, 2 small 25 minutes traffic jams (Lorries!! with trouble) and we where there at 1.30 !! 

As we could get in at 2.30 we spend some time and coffee at The Plaza (Wheaterspoon) in Rugeley. Nice place great atmosphere and good coffee. Saturday mornings breakfast place. After that of to the house and ad 15.00 all where in, us lot, David and Elaine and Carys. Sorted out the rooms and started the chats 🙂 it;s always great to meet up with friends again. Great Chinese takeaway and around 20.00 almost fell of my chair of sleep and went to bed.

Had a great sleep (very good bed!!) and at 8.45 off to The Plaza with Jef and Harold for breakfast. Again great stuff there. And on 12.30 off to the concert place where Stefan Whitlan was already setting up. About an hour build up and an hour practice runs we where ready. (thx to Martyn Greenwood for a spare mixer!).

18.00 nicely filled room and off we where. a 50 minute set that went great what a fun to play again “not alone on stage” 🙂 
19.15 David Wright Music solo (sorry but never listen to others play when I play myself.
20.00 set 2 that we finished with Detachment and Acoustic Shadows!! We had a great time with these. Stefan and Harold where on fire  (I was smoldering a bit to 🙂
21.15 David and Carys and got some from it when I was talking outside with Mr Dyson and Paul Ward (great stuff, there are going to be books written!!)
22.?? an unplanned encore with all musicians. As always first a struggle but the ending was nice  

All in all a great evening of music, fans and friends. Thanks to Jef for guarding the stand and managing it!! Breakdown and off to bed at 1.00!
Short sleep up at 5.30 to catch an early ferry so Harold can go to PSV – Twente. (soccer)
A great trip back to the ferry, more then an hour early then expected and we got booked on a earlier ferry and got right on it!

15.45 Sunday back home, Tired but we had a wonderful weekend with great music and meet ups. And Harold was in time to get to the Stadion and saw PSV win!!

Thanks to Phil Booth Dave Buxton and Jezz for all their work!! You guys rock!
And thanks for Harold and Stefan for joining me onstage. Loved it.
And special thnx for Jef Wouters to carry, help and run the stand! (I am not in the best of fitness (no athlete) so every help here is always great.
And the people who came to see us or got the VT’s!! Without you this would make no sense at all!! Long story short (if you read through the whole thing) .
A great weekend.

Thanks for your time.
Monique & Ron Boots New in Catalog / Instock A few new great entries in the catalog

David Wright – Fade

“It is a wondrous thing to be able to remove oneself from reality and create music. To journey to a universe of your own creation where not even you, as it’s author, can recall what transpired. Or to know how you achieved what you accomplished or have even the slightest recollection of the journey. Your only memory is, the music”. © David Wright 2024

‘Fade’ is a musical odyssey blending all the elements we have come to know and love in David Wright’s music. The result is an album that drifts between the waves of gentle ambience and the dynamism of pulsating sequences. Gentle passages caress the listener, then strong rhythmic passages tease with a wonderful and evolving combination of styles peppered by a gorgeous array of synths, gentle pads and effects. But more than anything, ‘Fade’ is an album of emotional reflection channeling David’s many influences.

The short and rhythmic ‘Android Caravan’ opens the album before the 3 suites; ‘Shadows’, ‘Sleeper at the Gates of Dawn’ and ‘Transmission Red’ take us on a cosmic journey through classic electronic music styles. There are echoes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze here, yes, even a nod to Pink Floyd. But this is very much a ‘David Wright’ album, with his delicate and evocative sensibilities and style very much to the fore.

Nothing is rushed; gentle and evolving intros laced with mysterious beauty highlight the three longer tracks, which are broken down into shorter segments to give 14 tracks in total. Haunting passages are intertwined with hypnotic and evolving sequences that move between gentle rhythmic motion and powerful sequences and rhythms.

‘Fade’ incorporates all the best elements of David Wright’s thematic new age and electronic space music. An album that will appeal to fans old and new.

David Wright – Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 3

  Volume 3 completes David Wright’s ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ trilogy and presents a cosmic, spacey synth-rock style journey through electronic tones featuring the guitars of the late Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and Code Indigo guitarist Andy Lobban. ‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 3’ is a voyage into pulsating, rhythmic and cosmic electronic music and a worthy addition to David Wright’s extensive catalogue.
The album opens with the album version of “CastleRigg”, its ethereal opening atmospheres giving way to driving hypnotic rhythms and sequences. ‘Citadel’ is a 30 minutes slice of EM that evolves from gentle ambient vistas into pulsating rhythms, sequences and flowing mellotrons, pads and synth leads, all embellished by the guitars of Andy Lobban and Klaus ‘Cosmic’ Hoffmann-Hoock. ‘The Presence of Motion’ is a major revision of an older live track, expanded upon by David with added sequences & rhythms. This very spaced out piece also serves as the perfect showcase for the wonderful cosmic guitar of the late, great Klaus ‘Cosmic’ Hoffmann-Hoock. ‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 3’ is a voyage into pulsating, rhythmic and cosmic electronic music and a worthy addition to David Wright’s extensive catalogue.

Tim Blake: Crystal Presence, 3CD Box Set
(instock with 10% Discount this week).

  Tim Blake first came to prominence as a member of Gong where his synthesizer experimentation was demonstrated on ‘Flying Teapot’, ‘Angel’s Egg’ and ‘You’. He later joined Hawkwind from 1979 – 1980 and from November 2007.
After departing Gong in 1975 he teamed up with French lighting designer Patrice Warrener to form Crystal Machine, pioneering the use of lasers and synthesizers in a live setting. Blake’s debut album, ‘Crystal Machine’, was originally released in 1977 on the French experimental label Egg and featured two pieces recorded live in the UK and in France. This work was followed by arguably his finest work, ‘Blake’s New Jerusalem’ in 1978. Unlike his previous work, the album featured songs and the lengthy title-track would dominate the album’s second side. ‘Blake’s New Jerusalem’ also saw the guest appearance of Jean- Philippe Rykiel on mini-moog. He briefly joined Hawkwind before returning to France and moving away from music.

Tim returned to the music scene with the album ‘Magick’ in 1991, recorded at his home studio in a windmill in Brittany in one evening. This collection of the first three albums recorded by Tim Blake confirms his status as a true pioneer of ambient electronica. Artist of the  week!!
Colin Rayment A new item in E-News a special attention to Musicians you or me really likes.
But this is an open item place, if you have an artist you love and would like to place in the spot light just make a nice piece about him and we might use it!!

The first Artist in the spotlight is:
Colin Rayment

Born in the UK, Colin´s enthusiasm for electronic music started from an early age. Subjected to electronic music by his two elder brothers, he soon realized his passion when he bought his first synth in the early 80´s.  And in 2002 he had his first release with SMD. Since then his music has spread across the Electronic landscape and with his 9 releases on Syngate has build a great catalog of music.

He is a great guy (met hem a few times during Schallwelle, where is is always high in the elections. The music is a mix of Berlin School with a touch of UK sound (Dyson/Volt) always fun to listen to. If you are looking for some really great music dive in to his catalog! And this week we have a special 10% discount on his music!! Normal price is € 15.90, this week only € 14.00.
  Colin Rayment – Abstract Dimensions ————————————————– Colin Rayment – Beyond The Aurora ————————————————– Colin Rayment – Architects Of Orion ————————————————– Colin Rayment – FRB ————————————————– Colin Rayment – Transitional States ————————————————– Colin Rayment – Evolving Forms ————————————————– Colin Rayment – Igneous ————————————————– Colin Rayment – Time Dilation ————————————————– Colin Rayment – Equilibrium Special DIODE UK festival Virtual Ticket!
A new EM festival in the UK!!
“DIODE Electronic Music Festival”.
May 18th 2024 – Nottingham. (www.boningtontheatre.co.uk

Groove Unlimited is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Pete Challoner and AD Music, a new electronic music event on May 18th 2024 in the UK!!

“DIODE Electronic Music Festival”
We want to get a new vibe to the UK with great electronic music. 
The Venue is the Bonington Theatre, Arnold, Nottingham. (www.boningtontheatre.co.uk) 

Concerts by!!
Thorsten Quaeschning (of Tangerine Dream),
Ron Boots and Rob Papen,
Callisto (David Wright & Stephan Whitlan)
and Pete Challoner. 

Ticket to attend the all day event in person is £35 –
or telephone: 0115 901 3640. 

And there is also a VTv ticket that can not attend!!
The DIODE Electronic Music Festival / VIRTUAL TICKET
THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU ACCESS TO THE VENUE. If you’re going to the event in Nottingham, you MUST purchase tickets for the event from the Bonington Theatre.
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