E-News 1367 – April 28th 2024

Dear customers, friends, followers and supporters.

On the 26th of April 2 years ago Klaus Schulze left this world. One of the most influential musicians for me. His music is interwoven in mine. Each track has some of his influences. 

2022 was a strange year when we lost also Vangelis / Mark Shreeve and Manuel Göttsching. 3 of the founders of my music. Edgar Froese left many years before and another influence Keith Emmerson is also no more. We live in a fast world, it turns faster and faster, But during these days that they left us it seems to slow down. The background noise is less. A time to listen to music and breath slower, deeper and perhaps even more free!! That is what now these great musicians give me. Their music makes me whole. (ron boots).

E-DAY 2024 reactions:
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A new Dreamscape radio will be on line later today!
Thanks for your time 

Ron and Monique
  S.A.W. live on tour. S.A.W. (Johannes Schmölling, Kurt Ader, Robert Waters; Andreas Merz).
From Tangram – Tangerine Dreams to Hydragate

The dates and places!!
14/9/2024 – Pumpwerk – Wilhelmshafen (D) (tickets: https://www.pumpwerk.de/programm/veranstaltungen/details-event/saw)
Support act by: Ron Boots and Harold vd Heijden

21/9/2022 – De Stoelendans (voorheen de Enck) Oirschot (NL)
Support act by: Ron Boots, Gert Emmens and Harold vd Heijden

27/9/2024 – Gaststieg HP8 – Saal X – Munchen (D)
Tickets: https://www.gasteig.de/en/events/s-a-w-from-tangram-tangerine-dreams-to-hydragate/


Diode Festival

Thorsten Quaeschning (DE) (of Tangerine Dream)
Thorsten Quaeschning is the band leader and driving force of German electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream. This solo performance will combine the very best of Berlin school sequencer music with ambient sound design.

Ron Boots and Rob Papen (NL)
Two of the Netherlands greatest electronic musicians who have been producing albums and performing live since the 1980’s. Sequences, ambience and melodies in abundance.

Callisto (David Wright + Stephan Whitlan) (UK)
David Wright and Stephan Whitlan are long time collaborators and stalwarts of the UK electronic music scene. Their music is multi layered incorporating many classic elements of the genre and always including strong melodies.

Peter Challoner (UK)
Local Nottingham electronic musician who was brought up on the classic 70’s and 80’s electronic music which provides inspiration for the music. Primarily ambient sound design with rhythmic sequences.

So there is just 4 weeks to go before the first DIODE electronic music festival in Nottingham (Sat 18th May). I big thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket so far. We are at the halfway mark of tickets sold but it would be fantastic to see even more people there. If you’re thinking of attending, but haven’t got your ticket yet, it would be really great if you could get it as soon as you can. This would really help the organising team.
Thanks and see you there.

Ticket to attend the all day event in person is £35 –
or telephone: 0115 901 3640.

And there is also a VTv ticket that can not attend!!
The DIODE Electronic Music Festival / VIRTUAL TICKET

THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU ACCESS TO THE VENUE. If you’re going to the event in Nottingham, you MUST purchase tickets for the event from the Bonington Theatre.
New Entries

We added 30 + Titles to the catalog. To many to focus on seperatly the list would be very long. So here my highlights and all others you can find on the first 2 pages in the shop!!

Keep in mind of many we only have 1 copy instock and gone is gone. 

Callisto – Either Side of Reality

David Wright and Stephan Whitlan combine as Callisto to produce electronic music inspired by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis.

The stunning new album presents 68 minutes of powerful, melodic and sequencer driven electronic music laced with atmospheric ambience. Above all it will have fans of traditional Berlin School electronic music in raptures. And fans of the two musicians and Callisto are clearly gonna love it too.

Just as with the first collaboration (The Reflecting Sky), Callisto – Either Side of Reality came from a series of improvised sessions at David Wright’s Suffolk studio between 2022 and 2023. This time however, the duo decided to continue as ‘Callisto’. The music is a combination of powerhouse sequencing, searing leads and atmospheric ambient music.

Either Side of Reality continues the vision of the original line up of David Wright and Dave Massey in combining traditional 70’s style electronic music with 21st Century sensibilities.

Accordingly the duo pay a passing nod to the more established luminaries of the genre. ‘Either Side of Reality’ is another original and sophisticated slice of powerhouse instrumental music. And the album has already been described by listeners as “an enjoyable trip down Berlin School memory lane – an enjoyable and fun album”.

It clearly reflects the musical vision and expertise of both artists. David’s digital approach and production expertise combine with Steffan’s analog skills but with a clear intent of the collaboration metamorphosing into something completely new.


AE van Elst Projects – Two
CD with MP3 download / MP3 and Flac download.

ABOUT AE van Elst Projects Both brothers Arjan and Eelco have been involved with electronic music from an early age. Their desire to share their music with fans of electronic music resulted in this latest album to be released on Groove. The songs have the emphasis on atmospheric instrumental themes. A characteristic of their way of composing is that they often start with a single sound, for example a preset from a synthesizer or sample. Other sounds are added, ultimately resulting in a full-fledged composition. The music of AE van Elst Projects is created with both analog synthesizers and virtual  instruments; combining old school with the latest developments in synthesizer world.

Hardware: Alesis Andromeda, Acces Virus TI 2,
Novation Summit, Yamaha Montage.
Virtual instruments: Spectrasonics: Omnishpere/Trillian,
Stylus RMX, Keyscape, Native Instruments: Complete Ultimate Bundle,
Slate & Ash: Cycles, Sample Library’s: ZeroG

Remy + Däcker – Live at Byss (Limited)

Remy + Däcker – Live at Byss (Normal)

During the pandemic, Bas Broekhuis invited musicians at his BYSS music studio. Artists including Kontroll-Raum, Ron Boots, Skoulaman and René van der Wouden entered the small stage to perform their music for a large audience through a live video stream. This was the only way to reach listeners in times of worldwide lockdown. Also Remy Stroomer (REMY) and Peter Dekker (Däcker) got the opportunity to premier their collaboration at BYSS. This album contains the registration of their improvised concert.

Performed by REMY (Remy Stroomer) and Däcker (Peter Dekker) at BYSS, December 19th, 2020.

The short list have a look in the shop!!

Nautilus – When Time is just a Word

Tomita – Live In New York – Back To The Earth

Various – There Is More .​.​..

Glass*, Bowie*, Eno* – Heroes • Low Symphonies (2CD)

Electric Mud – Quiet Days On Earth

Volker Rapp – Planet-Arien 2CD (1 copy)

Volker Rapp – Carbon Dioxide CO₂

And a lot of 2nd hand Mathias Grassow.
Mathias Grassow – Lanzarote-Spirits Amir Baghiri & Mathias Grassow – True North (2ndhand) Mathias Grassow – Bliss (2ndhand) Mathias Grassow – The Fountain Of Remembrance (2ndhand) Grassow / Gleisberg / Baghiri – Arcanum (2ndhand) Grassow / Wiese / Agthe – Holy Domain (2ndhand) Mathias Grassow – Psychic Dome (2ndhand) Mathias Grassow / Klaus Wiese – Mercurius (2ndhand) Mathias Grassow – Lifecycle (2ndhand)
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