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Monique and Ron New in the Catalog Ramp (Stephen Parsick) – Havoc

35 years after recording my very first piece of music, it is time to celebrate the 14th [‘ramp] album (which would also be the ninth album i created all on my own… i seem to be doing alright with no interference from the outside). Most of the music was recorded around the same time “arp-en-ciel” and “happy days” were recorded, and up to a certain point it wasn’t quite clear which piece of music would end up on what album. by late 2022, it had become obvious which pieces belonged together to form a coherent whole that would also have a narrative element of its own. “havoc” was third in line, with “arp-en-ciel” and “happy days” being released in reversed order.

Shortly after i had finished the rough edits of the album in mid-august 2022 i had to learn about mark shreeve’s passing. this devastating news overshadowed the production process in many ways, and in some respect i would like to view this album as some sort of tribute to mark and the lessons he taught me, with the title track “havoc” in particular (i am sure he would have liked that “massive sequencing-meets-mellotron” thing).

all music composed, arranged, and performed by stephen parsick at dachgeschoss borgholzhausen, where the future is being made today.
Conceived between march and august 2022.
recorded, mixed, engineered, produced, and mastered to basf sm 911 by stephen parsick in april and may 2023. no midi used.
Stephen Parsick: analogue synthesisers, sequencers, and keyboards; mellotron; tapes, loops, and treatments; ambient field recordings.

Limited to 111 copies !! Spyra/Liese/Vikaluk – InSpyration III

1. INSPYRATION III – (17:08)
2. Weeping Walls – (15:06)
3. Abprall – (9:33)
4. Aufprall – (13:51)
5. Tuman Yarom – (09:00)
6. Future of the Past – (07:43)
7. Encore (Not included on the CD but as download!) – (13:52)

On 24 June 2023, Hajo Liese, Wolfram Spyra and Roksana Vikaluk performed under the project name in[SPYRA]tion at the E-Circus Summer Edition in Borgholzhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia. As is easy to recognise, the project name is a play on words that includes the name Spyra. While the album “In[SPYRA]tion” was recorded by Roksana and Wolfram alone, “In[SPYRA]tion II” was a live recording in which Hajo Liese also took part. Now the third part. The album is expected to be released at the Superbooth in mid-May.

With “In[SPYRA]tion III”, Hajo Liese, Wolfram Spyra and Roksana Vikaluk have documented their mesmerising performance at the 2023 E-Circus Summer Edition. A very nice album that captures the concert very well, as the announcements and the applause in between were also captured. Musically, the album is also top-notch and a recommended purchase for the great live version of “Future Of The Past” alone.
Francis Rimbert + Sandra Baudin – Les Cinq Saisons

he 5 Seasons Album is a sound and human discovery that I wanted to share with you. Both to reveal to you the behind the scenes of this album, and to introduce you to Sandra Baudin and Francis Rimbert for those who don’t know them. A four-handed effort for a great musical adventure. Nautilus – When Time is just a Word

On their 8th studio album, the men from NAUTILUS are once again following in the footsteps of the French fantasy author Jules Verne, around two years after their great album “A Floating City”, to the locations of his novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. The listener can expect an acoustic world tour between progressive rock, art rock and Berlin school. Lovers of epic long tracks will get their money’s worth as will fans of short and crisp pop songs. Once again, the symbiosis of their influences from the 70s (Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream) succeeds in creating their own unmistakable style.

Grobschnitt co-founder and mastering expert EROC ensured the good sound. Electric Orange
(Cosmic Grounds alter ego)

ELECTRIC ORANGE is a german neo krautrock band, mainly based on two masterminds Dirk Jan MÜLLER (keys) and Dirk BITTNER (guitar). Up to now both musicians had uncounted collaborations during their development and produced a huge amount of material. Besides some temporary flirts with house/techno elements the band actually delivers modern trippy krautrock adapted music, where Tom RÜCKWALD handles the bass guitar since the year 2000. The line up is now!

Werner Wieczorek: Bass
Dirk Bittner: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Eric Karow: Drums
Dirk Jan Müller: Synthesizers, Organ

The sound is decorated with cheerful electronic elements adapted from Tangerine Dream or Popol Vuh as well as provided with obsessional rhythms in the vein of Can or even Kraftwerk – all you might expect as significant for a contemporary krautrock sound.

The band offer an irresistible blend of hypnotic and tribal beats, soaring organ and synths, spacey guitars, recitatives, samples as well as analogue effects. Hereby they are keen on experimenting with all sorts of rare, obscure and vintage instruments. The song titles are often provided with funny and thought-provoking puns.

So get to know this music and join in this musical frenzy.

Electric Orange – Misophonia

Organ [Farfisa Compact, Hammond], Synthesizer [Erebus, Solina, MU Modular, Roland System 1], Mellotron – Dirk Jan Müller
Drums, Percussion, Cymbal, Other [Beerbottles On Carpet] – Georg Monheim
Electric Bass, Bass [Fuzz Bass], Bass [Synthesizer Bass], Bass [Bottle Bass] – Tom Rückwald
Guitar [Guitars], Zither, Mandolin, Trumpet, Stroh Violin [Phonofiddle], Congas, Bongos, Cajón, Voice – Dirk Bittner
Mastered By – Eroc

Electric Orange – Time Machine 1992-2017

This is absolute spacerock material. I love it!!
This release contains rare and unreleased tracks from the first 25 years of electric orange.

Electric Orange – EOXXV (2CD)

Electric Orange – Netto

Electric Orange – Patchwork 1996-1999

Many tracks are previous unreleased and some of this music was already released on some CDRs about 20 years ago in very limited editions. These tracks always felt like just raw material, so we had the idea to compile an album of the best parts. All you can hear was done in 1996 to 1999, no remixing or re-recording took place. All we did, was to edit most of the tracks and combine all these bits a continuous mix – like a weird audio movie that could have been the lost album from that era.

Electric Orange – Encoded

Electric Orange create some dark but laid back psychedelic soundscapes on this album. The sound is somewhere between Blade Runner and Pink Floyd’s “A Saucerful of Secrets”

Electric Orange – Psi-Hybrid

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