E-News 1349 – December 8th 2023
Hello All.

We had a nice time in the UK and so did you with the discount we noticed 🙂 Thanks for all the orders!! we had during this time. A lot of parcels delivered to Sam his address also last week so we are packed with UK releases 🙂

One of them is Simon Lomax, formerly know as Maitreya.
Great  ambient music and we have now all his releases in stock!
check the new entries 

A;; releases from DIN are back in and the releases By Brandon Pollard!! 
So now is the time to get them just before the holiday season!
Also in are the MIG releases new and the ones that where sold oout!! 
Specially the Earthstar – Collected Works (5CD Box) and Agitation Free – Momentum are in so they are going out today to the ones who pre order it.

And we added some new releases from SMD. All CD’rs as usual, a lot of people don’t like these that is the reason why we don’t add them all the time. If you want titles that are not yet in the catalog let me know. We can always add them and order them for you at a price of only € 11.90 🙂

And a new Brainwork is out.!! Checkt that one too.
Brainwork – The Studio Sessions LIVE Music. Noch 6 karten da fur Hello 2024!

Jahresabschlusskonzert des Schallwende-Vereins mit Ron Boots und Rob Papen. The last concert of 2023 in the Bochum Planetarium!
Rob and I have started our preparations and it’s going to be 2 sets with lots of new music!! Don’t miss it.

E-Day 2024 – 20th of April 2024.

We opened the sales for the tickets last Friday and we have passed the 80! Tickets. Thanks for those who ordered so quick!! You have a seat on E-Day 2024.

E-Day 2024 – 20th of April 2024.
 – Sequentia Legenda & Tommy Betzler (France&Germany)
 – Matzumi (Schwitzerland)
 – Get Emmens & Ron Boots (featuring Harold vs Heijden) (NL)
– Perge (UK)

Foyer concerts by
– Kellerkind Berlin (C. Gorsky)

And we now have the ticket sales online so you can now order them!

A few weeks ago I asked about a Night full of Ambient music. Still getting a few reactions but most of them are from musicians who would like to join in in the music. Funny enough we now actually have more musicians that want to play then visitors that want to come 🙂 So if you think you would like to visit this event let me know. And with over 20 musicians that want to play the pick for that is enough 🙂

So here is the idea.
I have the possibility to do this in my hometown theater ‘t Tejaterke.
Many might know this from concerts with John Kerr and the Dutchmasters festival! Planning is to make a special evening/Night concert that will go on until 8.00/9.00 in the morning nonstop with a mix of great electronic musicians.

Would you be up for this, price will be low and you can enter and go during the night if you want to and enter in later at night again. It will not be rock and Roll but the warm sequencer driven, and more ambient music. You can listen, sleep, doze off or even read during this night. And in the morning for those who want to there will be a breakfast with all artists that performed. If this is something you would be interested in then please let me know. New in the catalog and instock!! The following releases are now instock and ready to ship

  Earthstar – Collected Works (5CD Box)

Agitation Free – Momentum

Andy Pickford – Linear Functions 2023 Collectors Edition

Andy Pickford – Finisterre Point

Simon Lomax the UK Ambient experience.

Simon Lomax is a producer of electronic ambient space music who, through his unique and involving music expresses a personal global intuition. His work possesses an unparalleled sense of sonic depth and universal scale whilst exhibiting a remarkably lucid grasp of texture.

We now have his releases in stock and if you liek ambient this is such great music that you should check it out! And you can get it now without all the high shipping and Tax prices strait from Groove!! And also check out the Maitreya releases that are now back instock!!

Simon Lomax (formerly Maitreya) – .74 (point seven four)

Inspired by location and time .74 (point seven four) is a warm and animate landscape of rich atmospheres moved by a swell and pulsing of sound. With the beautiful depths and resonance of escent, the glitchy, hypnotic repetition of pulse and beat and the mellow pads of aurora, this album is a satisfying and cohesive whole, featuring the Maitreya sound that is becoming so well recognized.

What people are saying

“Simon Lomax’s third release for this specialist label, dedicated to “contemporary atmospheric music”, maintains a deep ritual stasis throughout. Aside from the majestic solo violin emerging from opener “Escent” and the waning two-note pulse of “St Michael’s Tower”, this is all sustained distances and rich reverberations, blurring into protracted pieces”
The Wire – Feb 2005

“.74 is a carefully molded piece of slowly unfolding atmospheres and emotions, in which the ebb and flow of sound textures feels very natural. At times its hypnotizing and elevating, but also stays earthbound. Experiencing this repetitive ambient music with some occasional pulse sounds, glitch and fx’s is hard to put into words. It’s like a massage for the mind and very relaxing and holistic one as well. It especially works great when using headphones. Both production & mastering of the album are stunning, so what more can a hardcore ambient fan ask for?”

Simon Lomax – 5

With this his sixth full album, Simon Lomax’s 5 Textures again demonstrates the sound of an ever evolving artist, whilst retaining the best elements of his previous work. Using his favoured tools of samples, reverb, filters and echo, Lomax now takes command with highly processed guitar. Though an instrument he has played for over 25 years he only began his experimentations with the atmospheric potential of guitar on his last album, A Glimmer of Memory. Treated with masterful production the guitar becomes almost unrecognizable as an instrument at times sounding like a distant echo and at others more similar to a reverberant cathedral organ than a stringed instrument. It would be true to say that Lomax takes broader brush strokes with this album, for example for the piece ‘3 Hours of Night’, creating the soundtrack based purely on the intensity of the burnt red sky he saw while flying into Helsinki late at night. This approach is perhaps in line with his recent Film and TV music successes; pieces that focus less on structure and more on describing perfectly a time, a place, a feeling.
credits released February 23, 2015  

Simon Lomax – A Strange Light

“The Master at the very top of his craft!!! What a journey!!!” Richard Gürtler- Slovakia “Simon Lomax has managed to quietly, stealthily, and brilliantly initiate, construct, and release one of the best ambient records of the year. Trust me folks, you need this. Ignore at your own peril.” Darren Bergstein – USA

Simon Lomax – How The Shadow Falls

The inner world explored on “How the Shadow Falls” is one of intense and profound textural ambiences extending further the emotive realm of its predecessors. Applying synthesizers, samples, effects and highly processed guitar, composer Simon Lomax delivered 7 studio improvisations wandering through desolate, dark-shaded aural landscapes revealing a gentle slumbering cinematic current occasionally.

The contemplative expanse of soft glistening shimmers and pastel colors is meant for deeper listening delivering additional insights and layers on repeated spins. “For The Heartache Still to Come”, a lush vapor to dwell effortlessly, rounds out the 58-minute emotive trip effectively.

Bert Strolenberg – Sonic Immersion

Simon Lomax – An Ember Glows / We Echo Endlessly (2CD)

Special limited edition (100 copies) double CD of Simon’s improvised live to air performances on Star’s End Radio in Philadelphia in 2015 and 2019. What people are saying: The internal temperature of Simon Lomax may measure a few degrees lower than that of the average person. Plotted, realized and delivered over the course of two late-night on-air sessions for STAR’S END his An Ember Glows/We Echo Endlessly is a real chiller for the mechanics of the mind. Halfway to a dream, these cool transmissions wandered the radio frequencies until reaching interested ears. Playing only to the night this double CD documents an exploration of textures, moods and memories. Sent touring through the airwaves the music is invariably subtle. Its sense of restless and ever-changing moods (rather than a single line of progression) projects isolated states. The two common features of both sets on An Ember Glows/We Echo Endlessly are openness and clarity. As there are no conventional narrative patterns or cues it may be hard for the listener to establish a direction. But this is exactly what Lomax is striving for – there-ness that then becomes here-ness, as a scenic background might… 

Simon Lomax – Notes From The Void, Vol. 1

Towards the end of 2020 a friend and I were discussing my creative process. This friend has been a long term mentor having helped me develop my music learning system Music Skills. I was interested to see how much more efficiently I could write music whilst still keeping the quality and depth, so we set upon an experiment. My friend would give me a title as a starting point and an ambitious deadline for each track in turn. Over a 5 week period I learnt that my creative process benefits from considered bursts of focus away from distractions, and that occasionally I need a little more time to fully allow the musical ideas to develop. But overall it turns out I can write meaningful music far faster than I’d previously thought possible. To my surprise the result is what I consider to be some of my best work. This forms the first volume of my new album series Notes from the Void – Volume 1. I hope you enjoy it.
credits released March 12, 2021

Simon Lomax – Notes From The Void, Vol. 2

“When I find myself creating some truly profound music it often feels more that the pieces already exist and that I am merely helping them to be shaped into form. Like capturing smoke in a glass – like summoning notes from the void”. Here in the second installment of the Notes From The Void series Simon explores this concept further with his signature deep and introspective sound.

Available now as a limited edition run of just 100 glass mastered CDs. What people are saying
This recording is a second installment of imaginary, gently resonating and evolving soundscapes complementing the ambient journey released a year before. Melancholy and reflection already shine softly on opener “An Inner Resonance” and continues in a tad lighter mode on “In Essence”. Occasionally the textures become ethereal while dissolving briefly in a kind of vaporous mist as on “Fading Light on Spring Hill”, then taking off into wider, vaster, smooth rising and falling aural spaces as “Each Coalescing Thought” kicks in. “Above the Drift” sketches out a calm elevating ambience as we drift effortless up there. The melancholic slumber of “Until the Madness Subsides” rounds things out in a sedate manner. Same as the previous volume, only 100 factory-pressed CDs have been manufactured. Bert Strolenberg – Sonic Immersion

Simon Lomax – These Tranquil Winds

as previously mentioned on Simon’s website, humans have explored natural altered states of consciousness for thousands of years, through meditation, trance and plant medicines. It is often talked about how these transcendent experiences bring about a sense of expansiveness, peace, connectedness, time dilation and a quietening of your mind. As his interest and research in to auditory soundscapes develops, the question arises, has this new album got even closer to those experiences or even stepped through? From the dynamic and expansive opener “The Vastness Of It All”, the shimmering aural swim of “The Memory Of Water” to the glowing and reverberant echoes of the title track, Simon explores beautiful new sonic territory whilst drawing on his signature palette and rich production skill. This is a special album that you are recommended to take your time to listen to with good headphones or a hi-resolution system to reveal all of its depth of layers. ———————————————————————————
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